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Since the first contract in 1993, Distene components have been embedded into the applications of over 30 software editors, including the largest ones. Distene’s continued success with MeshGems suite in the marketplace is best described by our customers' testimonials.


In FEA, your results are only as good as your mesh. When SRAC searched for a mesher that would fit with the accuracy and speed of its solvers, Simulog proved to be a seamless match.
Distene's volume mesher [MeshGems-Tetra] provides robust, fast and high quality transitional meshing capabilities for COSMOS/ TM products users.

Julien Boissat, Product Management Eng., S.R.A.C. (acquired by DS/SolidWorks)


Both the speed and reliability of MeshGems-Tetra are impressive.
And MeshGems-Tetra handles complicated shapes and topologies. We look forward to incorporating the capabilities of TetMesh into LS-DYNA.

Trent Eggleston, Livermore Software Technology Corporation


Distene's new tetrahedral mesher gives our customers the ability to mesh large complicated models much faster than previous versions. It is the state-of-the-art tetrahedral element mesher in terms of speed and generating high quality elements. We are very pleased with the Technical Support from Distene in integrating their meshing components into our products.

MSC Patran Product Management, MSC.Software Corporation


Sandia performed a blind evaluation of several tet meshers before selecting one. The consensus of the evaluators was that the Distene/INRIA tet mesher MeshGems-Tetra was best, due to its robustness.
Distene offers a standard commercial source code license which also made MeshGems-Tetra the most favorable product of them all.

Scott Mitchell, Sandia National Labs


The integration of this remarkable technology is really the jewel in the crown for FEMAP Version 5.
With Version 5 we made great strides in geometry access and modeling, graphics speed and loads and constraints; and we wanted to improve our tetrahedral meshing.
Now with GHS3D, FEMAP is now really supercharged.

Mark Sherman, Vice President, EDS (acquired by Siemens)

Dassault Systemes
Altair/Simlab (HyperWorks)