Suite of Reliable Meshing Software Components for High-Demanding CAD/CAE Developers

Distene's Partners

Distene’s innovation capabilities results from various collaboration with research, academic, industrial and also governmental organizations:

Joint Research Program


Research collaboration between Distene and INRIA is part of the Distene genesis. To make more efficient such collaboration between a Research lab and a SME, INRIA and Distene implemented an I-Lab, a Joint Research Program.

The Meshing Lab laboratory, the joint team involving INRIA/GAMMA 3 project-team and Distene, focuses on the development of mesh generating software components for CAD and CAE, including volume meshes based on any geometrical data, high-performance meshes, automatic meshes for CFD and automatic hexahedral meshes.

Research Organizations

Clusters, Associations and Fundings

Comite Richelieu

Conseil General de l'Essone
Conseil General de l'Ile de France
L'Europe s'engage en France

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