Suite of Reliable Meshing Software Components for High-Demanding CAD/CAE Developers

Management Team

Meshgems' Management team

Mark Loriot, Managing Chairman & co-founder of Distene

Mark joined Simulog in 1990, a French company of 180 employees, as project engineer. He quickly became manager of multinational projects. He was promoted in 1995 to Technical Manager of the preprocessing, postprocessing, parallel computing group, and became Manager of the Scientific Computing business unit of Simulog. In 1996, Simulog launched a project that originated Distene's current software products. In 2001, Mark became the Chief of Operations of Simulog Technologies, an independent business unit of Simulog. In 2004, Mark Loriot co-founded Distene. 

Laurent Anné, Sales Director & co-founder of Distene

As a Doctor in Sciences graduated from Paris VI University and recipient of the Seymour Cray Prize, Laurent Anné joined Simulog in 1996 as a project engineer. His achievements include developing the business of a new local branch (Rhônes-Alpes) of Simulog. In 1998 he was appointed as sales engineer at Simulog headquarters in Paris, in charge of international OEM sales. His business achievements were followed by the creation of the Simulog Technologies business unit where he was appointed as Sales & Marketing Director. In 2004, Laurent Anné co-founded Distene.