Suite of Reliable Meshing Software Components for High-Demanding CAD/CAE Developers

Licensing Policy

Meshgems' licensing policy

MeshGems for OEM

The Distene OEM Licensing Policy is the result of our long experience of technology provider on the developer market, and, especially but not only, on the Software Vendor market.

For our customers, the key benefits of licensing Distene’s MeshGems suite are Distene strives to cooperate with its customers as effectively as their components interoperate with their code. This aim drives Distene’s OEM Licensing policywhich is flexible and adapt to a diversity of application contexts and businesses in which the MeshGems technology is relevant. Distene has a flexible OEM policy devised to adapt to the diversity of application contexts and businesses in which Distene's software components are relevant:

Because of the wide range of companies and applications Distene has been involved with, we have come to adapt ourselves to a wide range of business contexts. Our licensing policy is accordingly flexible. It participates in our objective of building long-lasting, fair pricing and mutually rewarding business relationships. In particular, we are open to several forms of licensing schemes: perpetual license, fixed or variable fees, source code licensing.

MeshGems for Industry

Distene also offers more classical End-User licenses for industrial organizations and attractive commercial policy to academic organizations.