Suite of Reliable Meshing Software Components for High-Demanding CAD/CAE Developers

Company Overview

MeshGems-Distene Campus

Distene's MeshGems suite consists of meshing software components backed-up by over a hundred man-years of developments and enhancements. Distene works in close collaboration with world-renowned researcher teams of INRIA which has been working on meshing algorithms for more than 25 years. The long-term collaboration with INRIA began in 1984, when Simulog SA was founded. Later in 2004, Distene was established by its founders as a spinoff from Simulog SA; most Distene experts were formerly part of INRIA and Simulog SA.

On-going research collaboration between Distene, INRIA and some others research organization like the Technology University of Troyes (UTT), ensures that we develop and deliver the best in class meshing technologies which have quality, reliability, and performance built in.